Friday, July 29, 2011

InCrops/Nuffield Council on Bioethics event

Thursday 1 September

'Rush for Resources: Ethics of building a bio-based economy'

15:30 -18:30. The Hauser Forum, Cambridge CB3 0GT

The event is for businesses interested in biomass as a feedstock for energy and materials, and is FREE to attend.

To achieve sustainable economic growth, global society needs to wean itself off fossil resources. This in turn puts increased pressure on available biomass, land and water. In the rush for resources, ethical considerations are easily overlooked or given a low priority.

This April the Nuffield Council on Bioethics published its report on the ethical issues surrounding biofuels (Biofuels: ethical issues).The report, which includes recommendations for policy and practice, highlights that its conclusions are also applicable to other sectors which build on biomass as a key resource.

Join us to:

  • Hear from Prof. Christine Raines of the Council's Working Party on biofuels, presenting the findings of the report.

  • Discuss the report recommendations and potential implications for the wider bio economy in the UK.

  • Respond to the findings of the report and share comments with other attendees.

  • Network with fellow businesses in the sector.

Registration - to attend this event please contact Julia O'Rourke, InCrops events co-ordinator, by Wednesday 24 August to register your place.
Email or call 01603 591765.

Events at NIAB’s Innovation Farm

Thursday 4 August

Fibre crops: agronomy and end uses

Various fibre crops are being demonstrated at NIAB Innovation Farm in 2011. The workshop will explore the potential for novel uses of crop fibres and how new processing methods are opening up the market for these alternative fibre sources.

Thursday 1 September

Horticulture: breeding for quality and quantity

With a large horticultural field demonstration area at Innovation Farm in 2011, the workshop will focus on how industry advances have contributed to improved quality and quantity in alliums, potatoes and carrots, and the challenges that still face the sector.

Thursday 8 September

Maize diversity: a versatile crop

Focusing on this rapidly expanding UK crop, the maize workshop will demonstrate the crop's versatility, showcasing the wide range of varieties suitable for forage use, biogas production and grain for crimping, with a particular focus on tailoring crop agronomy to fit the end-use.

For further details and registration please visit